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Sala Soccer are Manchester First & No1 Youth Futsal coaching provider since 2009

Sala Soccer...The Making of Players #SINCE 2009

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Sala Soccer Schools & Futsal Club Manchester exist to give every child the very best start in football & Futsal starting with FUN & NURTURE. We started coaching Futsal to the children of Greater Manchester in 2009, with our re-branding as "Sala Soccer" in 2012. Our Training ethos very much mirrors that of South America and Spain. Our continuous research and training is carried out to give the best standard of coaching anywhere in the region, producing technically strong players which lead to our Founder Neil Lucas visiting (twice) the Joan Gamper Complex,  home to the academy of FC Barcelona in Spain to learn how they produce some of the world’s finest football & futsal players

At Sala Soccer Schools we coach techniques from Futsal or Futbol Sala as a development tool for the very young footballers to develop fast feet and excellent technical and tactical awareness.

We also teach players who want to solely play Futsal.

Many of the top world class footballers played Futsal in their youth and credit the game for their footballing development; players of the calibre of Pele, Zico, Ronaldinho, Neymar, Coutinho, Lionel Messi to name but a few of the South American legends all played and enjoyed Futsal.  But Futsal has not just helped produce South American football stars, on the European stage Cristiano Ronaldo, Deco, Xavi, Iniesta, Zidane and Fabregas are amongst many others that have played Futsal to develop their skills, by spending more time with the ball and achieving technical competence before moving onto the physical and tactical side of the game. We believe a child first has to become a good person before becoming a good player and that sessions must be fun aswell as challenging.


Only hard work, effort, determination and practice will help players to improve, and we do not select players on ability as we are very confident of producing excellent footballers regardless of experience. All we ask for is an excellent attitude to their training sessions.

Our Coaching sessions aim to give the highest standard of coaching with small class ratio’s so that every child get’s the best out of every session. We believe in Nurture not Nature and quality over quantity to help every child to play at their highest level. With our coaching expertise your child gets the best in standard and value, and you will see results in a very short period of time, whatever your child’s standard of play.

For players to become the best we must work on developing the motor skills through repetition helping children to be able to have the confidence & complete control of the ball. We believe this can start as young as 18 months old (Through our Little Strikers Programme, as players must have a sound technical foundation before moving on to other parts of the game like tactics, formations etc.. Love the ball First..


We use 7 strands to help develop our players:

  1. Control

  2. Ball Mastery

  3. Passing

  4. Feinting to move

  5. Play, Running with the ball

  6. Dribbling,Shooting and Play & Move



We also have 5 values required to be the very best player and the very best team:

Manchester Futsal Sala Soccer club
  1. Equality

  2. Honesty

  3. respect

  4. Responsibility

  5. Solidarity



We are trying to change the way children are coached in this country, for far too long our academy system has failed with lots of children going into the system at age 8 or 9 and very few coming out as professionals. We believe that Futsal can help develop footballers technically & tactically,Futsal is now linked into the FA's own England DNA. Long term our goal is to develop futsal  players for the future as Futsal is our passion and is a fantastic game in it's own right through our FA Charter Standard Development Club - Sala Futsal Club and through our partnership with Bolton Futsal Club who play in the FA National Futsal league.


 Why do academies with all the technology and best coaches still produce a very small amount of footballers into the pro game? Could using Futsal help?

If Futsal could make you just 1% better (We feel its at least 10%) surely it must be worth trying.

"Everybody has talent, but ability takes hard work"

All Sala Soccer School Coaches cover 40 hours a year CPD, continuously improving on our proven Sala method, and are FA/UEFA qualified including youth awards, we even have coaches with child care qualifications, those who work with Premier League Football clubs academies & are coach educators for the Football Association as you can really only coach children if you know how to communicate effectively with them. Sala Soccer Schools are also hold “FA Private provider” status via the Manchester FA, the kitemark for quality coaching that you can trust for peace of mind.Every coach has child protection and first aid certificates as-well as all being enhanced CRB/DBS certified & importantly FA Licenced. Our Futsal club “Sala Futsal Club” are an FA Charter Standard Development Club and welcome Girls & Boys to train & play for us.

With the huge growth in the game of Futsal in Manchester area,  there been a surge of many new fledgling Futsal providers for children starting up. As Manchester’s 1st & No1 Futsal coaching provider since 2009 we have years of experience & have had many success stories in player development for both Boys & Girls on our journey so far,  including players playing Football profesionally in the Football League & with Futsal players now playing in the FA National Futsal League.

As well as being a Futsal provider we are also an AQA Accredited training centre & regularly work with Teachers & coaches on their own learning journey both in the UK and abroad.

If we do not change the way we coach children then nothing will ever change!

For a child to learn a coach must be able to communicate effectively with his audience.


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