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one 2 one coaching


One 2 one coaching

Sala Soccer's One2One football coaching sessions are designed to boost your child’s confidence, enhance technical skills and develop game understanding. During the sessions our qualified coaches look to improve your child’s performance and coordination with a range of Agility, balance, speed & quickness through our unique FastMat training methodology system

Every child is different. During conventional team training sessions some children can be overlooked. With our One2One sessions there are no gaps in a child’s learning. We can tailor each of our six-week development blocks to suit your child’s needs.

This encourages development at a pace they are comfortable with and is coached by our FA/UEFA Licensed Coaches.

Our Sala One2One bespoke coaching packages suit beginners, intermediate players looking to take on fresh skills, and elite performers ready to move to the next level. We want children to enjoy football/Futsal training. That way they develop socially and physically, and this can give positive improvements in other areas of their lives.

Our Sessions focus on both the physical & Technical sides of the game:

Physical: Running Mechanics, Speed, Agility,Balance & Coordination, Dynamic Movement Skills, Stamina & Endurance.
If players are not physically literate and cannot move correctly then this will hinder their progress & potential. Our unique FastMat system helps develop, refine & improve gross motor skills, coordination, agility & quickness.

The FastMat has been used & tested extensively on thousands of individuals and has been integrated in to a number of professional football clubs, schools, sports & medical organisations across the UK & Europe.

The FastMat helps to develop the neuromuscular system not only on how to move, but how fast to move. Developing movement & athletic performance with an emphasis on injury prevention. It is also used for movement re-patterning & neuromuscular rehabilitation after injury or surgery.

See the FastMat in action here:

Technical: Ball Mastery, Dribbling & Traveling, Receiving Skills, Passing skills (various types), Shooting to finish

We use proven techniques from Futsal to help your child become comfortable on and off the ball, to be able to play will flair & imagination. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat, Some of our methods seem unorthodox, BUT they work.

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